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Polishing Brush

Natural bristles are used for high-quality Engis brushes.
The brush has a long life and hard bristles hold the diamond compound for a long time and promote the sharpness of the diamond.





Type Straight 7-HS Wheel 2-HS Cup 12-HS
Brush ⌀6mm ⌀20mm ⌀13mm
Shank ⌀2.35 x 28ℓ

Polishing Bob

Felt Bob (Meddium / Hard)

All felt bobs are made of natural wool and are soft and tough.
Various types are available according to various mold finishes.

Wood Bob (Soft / Hard)

Using the high-pressure compression method, thin sheets of plastic are layered and laminated. The wood grain direction is vertical, so it is durable and always maintains hardness.
15µm or less is suitable for the diamond compound used together.
There are two types of soft / hard in the following shape.


Shape Size (mm) Felt Bob Wood Bob
Cone A ⌀9 x 15 Meddium / Hard Soft / Hard
B⌀13 x 20
C⌀10 x 30
D⌀20 x 30
Round E ⌀10
Bob G ⌀6 x 15
H⌀10 x 20
I⌀15 x 25
J⌀20 x 30
K ⌀10 x 15 very hard
L⌀15 x 20
M⌀20 x 25
N⌀20 x 30
Cone O ⌀10 x 15
Q⌀15 x 30
R⌀25 x 30
S⌀30 x 35
Conical P ⌀10 x 18
RoundedTip T ⌀10 x 15

Helical lap

Lapping tools from Helical Lap & Manufacturing Co. provide a simple and economical solution for producing extremely fine tolerances and accuracies in bores and cylindrical parts.

Helical Laps can adapt to be used on almost any machine with a rotating spindle, such as a lathe, drill, or honing machine.

Helical Laps are highly versatile tools that can be used in a wide range of materials and applications.
Helical ID and OD Laps are manufactured from a proprietary grade of annealed grey cast iron with a grain structure designed to optimize the abrasive charging of the tool. The lap incorporates a helical slot to allow for expansion and contraction of the tool.

Helical Laps are primarily finishing tools to bring parts to size, reduce the rough peaks of a surface, and correct common imperfections in bore and cylinder geometry such as roundness, bellmouth, and barrel shape.
The tools are used with a lapping compound (diamond, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, garnet) and typically, only a small amount of material is removed. The tools should always be ordered to the true ID or OD of the part to be worked, and then they are manufactured with the correct starting size.

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