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Wafer Bonding Machine

EBM-250HCD is a equipment designed and developed for bonding wafers and waxing plates (ceramic plates). Solid wax is made into liquid form and a certain amount of wax is supplied by a dispenser according to the wafer size.
In addition, pressurization, heating, and cooling are performed on the same table to control the variation in wafer thickness, flatness, and parallelism due to adhesion.

Machine Specification


Pressure Plate MaterialSUS (⌀250mm)
Wafer SizeMax. ⌀248mm
Wafer AllocationManual
Pneumatic EquipmentPneumatic Cylinder φ100mm / Stroke 250mmL
Heating MethodHeating Coil Max. 150degC
Wax DispenserHeating Coil Tank Max. 150degC
Cooling MethodExternal Chiller Unit
Shutter Opening & ClosingPneumatic Cylinder with Select SW
System StatusSignal Tower Light (3 colors with Buzzer)
Power SupplyAC200V 3Phase 50/60Hz
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 780 x 750 x 1,870
Weight (Kg NET) 400

Standard Bonding Machine

The HWB series of bonding devices is a simple bonding device used in a wide range of fields.
The cooling table is equipped with a water jacket, which can be connected with a cooling circulation chiller to efficiently cool the waxing plate.
The adhesive pressure is pressed against the synchronized flat plate with a pressurized cylinder to suppress unevenness of wax and apply with good adhesion.

Machine Specification


MODEL HWB-12 HWB-15 HWB-18 HWB-24 HWB-36
WAXING PLATE OD (mm) ⌀107 mm ⌀138 mm ⌀180 mm ⌀248 mm ⌀383 mm
No. of Stations 1 - 4 1 - 2 1
Option1 - Hot Plate EC-1200NP
Plate Size400 mm x 300 mm
Maximum Temp.300degC
Power SupplyAC100V 900W
Option2 - Chiller HRS-050-A-20-B
Temperature Range5~40±0.1degC
Maximum Flow50Hz 29L/min, 60Hz 38L/min
Power SupplyAC200V 550W

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