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MAD Grinding Wheel

MAD (Mixed Abrasives Diamond) grindstone is a grinding wheel made by mixing diamond grains with powder that matches the characteristics of the work material and sintering it with glass bond. Grinding using the mechanochemical effect can be expected to reduce the cutting load and improve the surface roughness, and is especially effective for hard and brittle materials that are difficult to cut. In addition, the abrasive grain size of the whetstone can be sintered down to submicron diamond abrasive grains, realizing nanometer-class finishing.


MAD Wheel Type Application
MAD Diamond Glass, Ceramics
MADa Diamond / Alumina Carbide, YAG
MADb Diamond / Barium Sulfate SiC, GaN Super Fine Finish
MADc Diamond / Cerium Oxide Hard Glass, SiC, GaN, etc.
MADs Diamond / Silica InP, LT/ LN Compound Semiconductor
MADv Special Glass Bond SiC, GaN Fine Finish