Product Details

High Speed & High Pressure Lapping Machine

The EJW-380HSP series is a polishing machine equipped high-speed and high-pressure process function.
This machine is designed for high-precision and high-efficiency polishing of substrate-shaped polycrystalline sintered diamond (PCD) and CVD diamond. The temperature control system, especially developed for PCD polishing, responds to the temperature rise of the grinding wheel and controls the spindle speed and pressure to maintain the optimum processing temperature.
In addition, many of the next-generation materials are hard, brittle, and difficult-to-cut materials, and the specifications are such that they can withstand severe processing conditions using high pressure and high rotation speeds that achieve high-efficiency polishing.

Machine Specification


Model EJW-380HSP
Plate Size (ODmm) 380
Plate Speed (rpm) 30~1,300
Main Motor (kW) 5.5
Water-coolingPlate Turn Base / Work Chucking Plate
Wafer/Work SizeMax. 4inch
Operation PanelLCD Color Touch Panel
Control PLC
ProgramMulti Step Program (5 steps)
Recipe10 recipes
Motorized Drive Motor130W
Max. Speed 60rpm (CW/CCW)
Oscillation Motor90W Variable Stroke
Power SupplyAC200V 3Phase 50/60Hz
Size (W x D x Hmm) 1,000 x 1,100 x 2,110
Weight (Kg NET) 1,200

Hydraulic Piston Pump Lapping Machine

EJ-380ISR-D TETRA is a dedicated spherical polishing machine specialized for cylinder blocks and valve plates of hydraulic pumps. A perfect contact ratio can be obtained by combining master lapping and pair lapping.

Machine Specification


Standard Lap Plate Size (ODmm) 380
Work AxisRoller Yoke for Master Lap / Oscillation for Pair Lap
Plate Speed (rpm) 10~110
Main Motor (kW) 0.4
Oscillation Stroke (mm) ±50
Motorized Drive Speed (rpm) 0~80
Angle Adjustment Range (deg) 0~20
Power SupplyAC200V 3Phase 50/60Hz
Size (W x D x Hmm) 850 x 810 x 1,500
Weight (Kg NET) 250

Change During Use



Cylindrical Polishing Machine

This machine is a special polishing machine designed to mirror-finish for cylindrical surface. A combination of a 3D polishing pad for aggressive polishing along the cylindrical shape and CS slurry that acts as a carrier for diamond abrasive grains can provide a surface roughness comparable to ultra-precision mold.

Machine Specification


Model EVP-120CAM
Polishing Plate Size OD (mm) 138 (SUS304)
Polishing Pad Size OD (mm) 120
Polishing Pad MovementRotational / Oscillation
Polishing Pad Speed (rpm) Max. 300
Polishing Pad Axis Motor0.37kW / Inverter
Work Rotation Speed (rpm) 20 ~ 170
Work Rotation Motor1.0kW Servo
Number of Axis1
Oscillation Stroke+/-40mm (80mm st)
Oscillation Motor0.2kW Servo
Pressure Cylinder⌀32 x 100mm st
Work Chucking3-Jaw Chuck / Tailstock
Power SupplyAC200V 3Phase 50/60Hz
Dimension (W x D x Hmm) 1,250 x 700 x 1,920
Weight (kg) 800