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CMP Slurry

CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) slurry is designed to remove work piece surface mechanically with chemical etching reaction. We have a variety of CMP slurries to suit the property of the material.


CMP Slurry HCL-20 HCL-XL TECS-60J PA2004
Silica Size 20nm
Alumina Size 200 ~ 400nm

* PA2004 is designed to perform polishing SiC wafer

Polishing Compounds

This polishing compound is made by concentrating alumina, silica and cerium, which are the main abrasive grains for polishing, in colloidal form.


Colloidal Alumina (White) Metal Polishing

Colloidal Silica (Blue) Metal/Optical Parts Polishing

Colloidal Cerium Oxide (Beige) Optical Parts Polishing

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