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Minimizer & Auto Stirrer

The Minimizer EMC-3 can accurately set the spray time and supply amount of diamond slurry and lubricant according to the lapping cycle. Since the slurry supply time can be controlled according to the lapping conditions, troubles caused by excessive or insufficient supply of abrasive do not occur.

The auto stiller keeps stirring the slurry while the lapping machine is running, which prevents the diamonds from settling and improves the dispersibility of the slurry.

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Ceramic Ring

The ceramic ring uniformly charges the surface of the lapping plate with diamond abrasive from the slurry sprayed onto the lapping plate. By using a ceramic ring, the diamond abrasive are efficiently fixed and embedded to the plate surface and prevent chipping and scratches during lapping.


Code Lap Plate Size Ceramic Ring Size (OD x ID x Hmm)
ACR-1008inch98 x 79 x 35
ACR-101S12inch143 x 108 x 40
ACR-102S15inch178 x 140 x 40
ACR-103S18inch220 x 182 x 50
ACR-104S24inch286 x 250 x 55
ACR-105S28inch360 x 322 x 70
ACR-106S36inch435 x 385 x 70
ACR-108S48inch500 x 452 x 70

* S type is SUS base ring model
* Other sizes of ceramic rings are available

Waxing Plate

It is used for lapping/polishing to mount the workpiece with wax, etc. Materials can be selected from SUS or ceramic.


Machine Size Ceramic SUS Size (OD x Hmm)
12inchCEP-12SUP-12107 x 20
15inchCEP-15SUP-15138 x 26
18inchCEP-18SUP-18180 x 26
24inchCEP-24SUP-24248 x 20
28inchCEP-28SUP-28320 x 20
36inchCEP-36SUP-36383 x 20

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Carrier (single and double-sided) /
Template (single-sided)

Carriers for both single-sided and double-sided lapping can be designed and manufactured using the most suitable materials according to the workpiece shape and application. Templates are products that can hold various workpieces such as semiconductor wafers on the polishing head without using wax.

Diamond Conditioning Ring

The diamond plated conditioning ring is a ring for quickly correcting the flatness of Hyprez lapping plate surface. Diamond abrasive size can be selected from three types from #60/80, #120/140, #140/170.


Code Plate Size Size (OD x ID x Hmm) Mesh Size
PCR-1008inch100 x 80 x 50 #140/170
PCR-10112inch143 x 108 x 40
PCR-10215inch178 x 140 x 40
PCR-10318inch220 x 180 x 50
PCR-10424inch286 x 250 x 50 #120/140
PCR-10528inch360 x 320 x 50
PCR-10636inch435 x 385 x 50
PCR-10848inch500 x 460 x 50

* Re-plating diamond is available by using original base
* Other sizes of conditioning rings and mesh sizes are available

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Pad Conditioner

We have various conditioners and cleaning brushes to ensure the flatness of the polishing cloth used in the CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) process, extend the life of the polishing cloth by optimizing the polishing rate, and remove contaminants from the polishing cloth.

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Lapping Gauge Unit

This device measures the flatness of the lapping plate surface


Code Plate Size

* Other sizes are available

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FMD Lamp

The Hyprez FMD lamp is a modern optical flatness measurement instrument replaces older helium lamp. Green light (wavelength : 5461Å) backs up the optical flat and clearly depicts the interference fringes on the mirror surface. In addition, clear photography of interference fringes is possible with ASA400 film.


Code Power (W) Size (inch x inch)
FMD-161810 x 12