Product Details

2-spindle Vertical Grinder

The 2-spindle vertical grinder HVG-300DSO equip a sliding work spindle that pursues high-quality precision grinding.
Grinding can be performed on the same platform without removing the workpiece from the work chuck during the process of changing the wheel for rough grinding and fine grinding by one grinding machine, enabling high-precision dimensional control and reduction of machining error.

Machine Specification


Machine Model HVG-300DSO
Work Transfer Method Slide Way
Wheel Diameter (mm) x
No of Spindles
⌀305 x 2
Wheel Speed (rpm) 2,000
Wheel Spindle Motor (kW) 7.0
Work Table Diameter (mm) 350
Work Table Speed (rpm) 400
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 1,400 x 1,870 x 2,400
Weight (Kg NET) 4,300

2-spindle Vertical Grinder

The 2-spindle vertical grinder HVG-300DSR uses a rotary work spindle that pursues high efficiency grinding.
A single grinding machine can grind the workpiece on the rotary table in the process of rough grinding and fine grinding in same time enabling highly efficient grinding.

Machine Specification


Machine Model HVG-300DSR
Work Transfer Method Rotation
Wheel Diameter (mm) x
No of Spindles
⌀255 x 2
Wheel Speed (rpm) 3,000
Wheel Spindle Motor (kW) 5.0
Work Table Diameter (mm) ⌀250 x 3
Work Table Speed (rpm) 400
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 1,450 x 2,100 x 2,100
Weight (Kg NET) 5,000

Advanced Options

HVG-AD and HVG-ADM models are available with optional controls for automatic wheel dressing, automatic positioning of the wheel relative to the workpiece, and workpiece thickness measurement. For maximum control, upgrade to in-process thickness measurement with real-time feedback to the grinding cycle. ADM models offer options for automated thickness measurements, including multi-point contact probing for grinding multiple wafers, or a choice of contact or non-contact continuous in-process measurement of single wafers.

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